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McLaren is on “Lost”

brian_mclaren_finding_our_way_againlost terry o'quinnI started on my journey through the first season of “Lost” yesterday and fell in love with it instantly. I found one of the Emergent Church’s very own “leaders” is also on the show. Yes, we all know that Brian McLaren is secretly the character Lock on this enchanted island. Here are a few things I have found through the first few episodes.

First we see the striking resemblance. McLaren and Lock both have bald heads and are around the same age. I am guessing they are also similar in height. However, McLaren sports glasses and Lock doesn’t. But we run into the same dilemma with Clark Kent and Superman.

Lock is a mystic and you can tell. Some of the first words we find coming out of his mouth are ‘a miracle happened to me.’ His face is in continuous awe of the characters’ predicaments.

McLaren also showed his mystical side through “The Secret Message of Jesus,” by helping us understand that God is everywhere. Calling us from the future into the past and into the present. Therefore God is everywhere and involved in the creation with our everyday lives. Also, McLaren also seems to carry that same expression Lock shows.

McLaren’s “Everything Must Change” explained that we live in a suicidal system, therefore we have to change the way we live. The book speaks out against the evils of the world and shows how Jesus’ message can fix those problems and make the system a more sustainable way to live.

Lock not only helps everyone on the island sustain their lives by giving them food. He also helped Charlie realize he did not need drugs. I am sure this will help Charlie also live with the others later on.

It is also evident McLaren takes a hands on approach to his messages. The New Kind of Christian series showed that he likes to use objects or destinations through his writings to show us how magnificent God and the creation he has made are.

Lock also takes this approach. He is a powerhouse of useless information to our world, but he is a key asset to these “Lost” people. Which shows that he is helping breed ‘A New Kind of Survivor.’

See the video below. [At one point, Lock even uses the word Emerging! This cannot be a coincidence!] The first 45 seconds show you why Lock and McLaren are so similar. Any other similarities you have spotted through the other seasons? Please Share!

I will be posting more this week on other Emergent leaders who could play a certain character on “Lost.” So stay tuned!